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Why Leave Your Financial Independence Up to Chance?

Proactive Investment Management

Utilizing Dynamic Asset Rebalancing
Our Hands-On Approach to Optimizing Your Wealth

With your current investment strategy, are you and your advisor…

Aiming to Hit
Your Target?

With Dynamic Asset Rebalancing
When Performance Matters

Taking a Shot
in the Dark?

With an Average Passive Shotgun Approach
Hoping it Works Out

The goal of proactive investment management is to help you get the returns needed to meet your financial & retirement goals. We understand that no two people have the same goals and values, so we help each and every client craft a framework for making a lifetime of educated financial decisions based on their future financial needs.

To Us, Performance Matters. In fact, it’s in Our Name:


There is Average, there is Alpha, then there is Absolute Alpha ӏαӏ.

What Does the Goal of Absolute Alpha® ӏαӏ Look Like for Our Clients?

We strive to monitor portfolios in unison with client goals and risk level and outperform versus a blended index of (SPX & AGG) to match the (Stock/Bond) blend of your portfolio in up and down market conditions. 

Our Active Investment Management At a Glance 


Do We Do it?

Because nearing retirement, you deserve to have the freedom to enjoy without worry, create new memories, experience life to the fullest and leave a legacy for your loved ones.


Do We Make the Most of Your Portfolio?

We’ll start by identifying a strategic portfolio allocation designed to match your time horizon and risk tolerance. Then, our active Dynamic Asset Rebalancing approach strives to own the market segments which are performing now within the overall allocation. There may be times when we will get out of the way altogether and move to be in cash or money market.


Questions Should You Be Asking?

  1. What is my risk tolerance?
  2. How much can I save?
  3. How much will I need?
  4. When will I need it?
  5. What do I want to leave as my legacy?

Understanding Your Portfolio

What We May Own:

  • Growth or value
  • Large caps, mid caps or small caps
  • Specific industry sectors
  • International, international countries or no International
  • Alternatives where appropriate
  • Sectors of the bond market

What We Will Not Own:

  • All things at all times (We do not strive to be average
  • Especially in the current low-interest-rate environment, we manage our income (bond) holdings for total return (capital appreciation plus coupon interest).

Our Ongoing Investment Management Process:

  1. Determine risk tolerance and the appropriate strategic asset mix
  2. Identify investments and asset classes appropriate for the current environment.
  3. Build the portfolio.
  4. Rebalance and make tactical changes to get out of positions when conditions warrant.
  5. Evaluate and communicate progress towards goals.

Buy High. Sell Low. Repeat Until Broke.

Ready to Experience a New
Way to Manage Your Wealth?

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